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We supply lenses from almost every manufacturer in a wide variety of materials. We can also give your staff technical help to make sure your customers’ expectations are met. 

We have our own surfacing facility which gives us control over the process, enabling us to give you the best lenses possible. 

Our products all carry the CE mark and are guaranteed by us. Many of the branded, premium progressive lenses that we supply carry an additional non-tolerance guarantee, so that if your patient can’t get on with them, we’ll happily supply an alternative.

We are experts in all forms of glazing a wide variety of materials. Whatever type of work you’re looking for, from the most sophisticated rimless to everyday lenses   in everyday frames, we give the same care and attention to detail to every job. 

We use the latest precision edgers that mean we offer the highest quality service   for all lens materials and frame types.

We are rimless specialists and take on many challenging lens and frame combinations. Many practices with their own mini-laboratories still choose to send their more difficult jobs to us. 


See for yourself

We invite customers to visit our laboratory to see how we work and we believe that everyone who has visited has benefited from the experience. We’re often told that visitors hadn’t realised the lengths we go to to give them the best result possible.

Just as visitors discover that we can do a lot to create a better result, practice staff gain a better understanding of how we use the supplied information, and the importance of the technical data received from the practice.

If you’re interested in seeing our facility, contact us and we’ll make the arrangements with you. 


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