KODAK Lenses

Kodak has a truly global awareness. It’s an awareness that speaks of value, quality and leading technology. KODAK Lens are global leaders in the development of lens technology. KODAK Lens technology goes beyond improving sight, their lens enhancements give brighter vision, reduced glare, protect from dust and scratches, and filter harmful radiation linked to common eye health issues.

KODAK Digital Lenses

KODAK digital progressive lenses offer some the most advanced lens technologies and wearer benefits available. KODAK Unique HD Lens includes extra measurements that consider frame choice and face shape to offering the best possible vision correction. A KODAK SoftWear Lens is an occupational progressive designed to relieve the symptoms of eye strain commonly experienced in an office environment. All KODAK Lens Progressives are digitally produced for a wider field of view with better image stability and less distortion across the lens.

KODAK Digital Single Vision Lenses

A KODAK Digital Single Vision Lens offers patients optical and cosmetic improvements over traditional lenses. KODAK digital lenses are created using a diamond cutting tool guided by software that uses over 5,000 reference points to shape the lens surface geometry, this leads to better prescription accuracy and clear vision correction right to the very edge of the lens. Digital lenses are also 12% thinner and up to 20% flatter than standard single vision lenses.

Quality Coatings Guaranteed

A KODAK Clear Lens has an anti-reflective lens finish that efficiently manages how light interacts with the lens. KODAK Clean&Clear Lens coating has been specially developed to actively repel dirt, grime and water. A KODAK Clean&Clear UV Lens offers patients protection from the degenerative damage and other serious health risks associated with exposure to UV light. A KODAK BluProtect Lens shields the patient’s eyes by filtering out harmful blue light. Every lens ordered with KODAK Clean&Clear, KODAK BluProtect or KODAK Clean&Clear UV is supplied with an anti-scratch guarantee valid for 2 years. Under this guarantee, if a patient scratches their lenses all they have to do is return them and KODAK Lens will replace them FREE OF CHARGE. Sensible terms and conditions apply of course, full details available upon request.